40 % Faster and Cost efficient

40 % Faster Transportation & Installation Time and Cost reductions

Over the last decade we have followed and analysed the trends in Offshore Wind installation Projects. We see many Installation Vessels which have been built are becoming Obsolete within the next 4-5 years since starting their operations. At Offshoretronic we have invested a lot in internal and external studies to enable us to enter this fast progressing WTG market with a more Cost-efficient and Future- proof Installation Vessel which will be able to cope with any kind of scenarios and the continuous and rapid changes in this industry.

How to achieve 40 % Cost savings

  • Lower Vessel building CAPEX is creating a Lower OPEX

  • Limited impact on Vessel Conversion prices at shipyards compare the soaring costs of full new build units due to higher cost of steel and equipments.

  • Less CAPEX on all kind of Mission equipments

  • Higher Transportation Payload, meaning less Turn-around

  • Utilising¬† same size and shape Tender /Transportation Vessel result in wider weather related workability windows

  • Dual Crane Lifting operations result in Faster and Safer Lifting operations

  • Utilising Vidro-hammer pre-piling result in less needs of

    Noise Mitigation Measures

    and wider weather related workability windows

  • All our Vessels have additional Auxiliary Cranes with in-house developed Gripper to assist during hook-up of Lifting Slings and Tools. Resulting in Safer, Faster and wider weather related workability windows

Best combinations of both worlds of Transportation and Offshore Installation