100% Energy Transition

Energy Transition is in full swing and all Industry sectors are Switching to Renewable Energies.

While slowly all major O&G companies and other O&G Service companies are making an U-Turn into the Renewable Energy Industry,  Offshoretronic had the foresight into this Energy Transition and embedded this into our DNA and in our Business plans. November 2015 we predicted a large and Long Term oversupply within the Ultra Deep Drilling Unit’s markets. Many excellent but obsolete Drillships came on the market for Resale and Vessel conversion of these units for Installation works suitable and dedicated for the Wind Turbines Industry became since then our first priority

100% Energy Transition Deployment by 

  • Convert O&G Drillship into Renewable Offshore Wind Energy Installation Vessel

  • Deployment of Offshore Wind farm infrastructure installation work

  • Deployment of DECOM, removal of all kinds of O&G Offshore infrastructures

  • Deployment of Offshore Platform Conversion project, Hydrogen power  generations

We are ready to take-on any Offshore Energy Transition Job