70 % Reduction in CO2

70 % Reductions in CO2 Emissions for Vessel conversion compare to New Build

By utilising Obsolete UDW Drillship Assets, we are able to Build a new State-of-the-Art Crane Vessel with the lowest environmental impact possible.

Again one step ahead, now with the latest cost increases for Steel, Equipment’s and Shipyard prices in general our project will generate the largest CAPEX cost savings.

Furthermore another step ahead, in case any Vessels will be operated in Europe the European Union will impose additional carbon border costs on imports of certain Vessels by 2023. Based on these additional CO2 Taxes the cost for a higher  full New Build Vessel could be further in our favour and will reach cost savings over 50%.

How we can achieve a reduction of 70 % in CO2 Emissions  

  • Removal and Recycling of approx. 9000 mt of steel of Drilling Equipment and Substructure

  • Safe on re-using 100 % of remaining Hull and Technical installations of the Vessel.

  • Only preform minor Technical upgrades for 20 years Life- extension.

  • The Major parts of the Conversion is adding sponsons and construct new Main deck.

  • Re-use of all DP Power plant and Thruster units.

In the Todays World our approach will make Sense and this will be appreciated with project awards