About Us


Founded in November 2015 and developed a game-changing and unique business model allowing for large cost savings on the Offshore Wind, Oil & Gas Installation projects and Decommissioning of obsolete Offshore structures.

To protect all our innovative ideas and designs Offshoretronic  S.L has registered all their designs with Intellectual Property rights at international register offices in Luxembourg and Switzerland.


OFFSHORETRONIC have high calibre Offshore and Marine industry veterans with extensive experience and knowledge in operating specialised Offshore Construction, Installation and Drilling Vessels.


The day-by-day management team is made up by three (3) full-time associated partners with over 30 Years of experience within the Offshore and Marine industry where they held senior positions at some of the largest companies within the Industry.


The management team is supported by Four (4) part-time senior advisory board members with 40+ years of experience within various senior management positions at some of the largest companies within the Oil & Gas and Marine industry.

Cutting-Edge European Know-How

Committed to global networking and with worldwide experience, OFFSHORETRONIC created a tailor-made plan that is set to meet the high demands of the Offshore Heavy Lift industry. This plan is created to tackle each individual project requirements and to meet the demands of our costumers.


OFFSHORETRONIC is the ideal partner for your offshore project developments and delivers a Fast track, Low Cost and High-Quality solution for the fast growing Offshore-wind and DECOM market.

The Best Possible Sustainable Approach

Our multi-purpose Offshore Installation Vessel is a fast track conversion project which utilizes obsolete 6th and 7th generation Deepwater Drillships that are still in excellent conditions.


The re-use of existing Assets and Vessels which are less than 10 years old, in combination with adding LNG fuel technologies and other innovative GREEN technology solutions, allows OFFSHORETRONIC to build Vessels that will be ahead of all current and future IMO emissions regulations.