About Us

Scope of Services

OFFSHORETRONIC is the ideal partner for your offshore project developments and delivers a

Fast track, Low Cost and High-Quality solution for the fast growing Offshore-wind and DECOM market as follow:

• Sale agents for CIMC SOE, adding a new total productivity for wind power products with 342.000 T/Year

• Shipyard newbuild and conversion project management

• Vessel Cold and/of Re-activations project management

• Design of new Concept Vessels based on market requirements and end-client specifications

• Engineering services

• Partnering of project development

• Vessel Asset Due-diligence and inspections

• Sales and Brokerage services

• Financial consultancy and advisory services

• Technical consultancy and advisory services


Founded back in November 2015 by Jeroen C.J. Berkhout:

Mr. Berkhout associated and teamed up with a number of offshore industry veterans to take advantage of

the quick changing market conditions in the Oil & Gas industry and fast expanding Offshore Wind


In order to serve our clients and the Offshore Wind Industry in general, Offshoretronic’s objectives were

to bring a cost-efficient Heavy lift Crane Vessel to the market based on a Vessel conversion project of 5th

and 6th generation DP3 drillships and to convert the units at a reputable shipyard into Heavy lift Crane


Our projects will deliver unique state of the art heavy lift vessels with unparalleled operational capabilities

and will bring solutions and address both Offshore Windfarm construction as well as O&G

Decommissioning market demands.

Offshoretronic is an Engineering and Design office that has built up a good reputation and has a large

network within the Offshore construction industry including Offshore wind operators & developers.

With our broad expertise in project management of large conversion and newbuild projects we can offer

our clients and partners the best possible support during all processes of acquiring new Vessel assets for

the Offshore wind market.

To protect all our innovative ideas and designs Offshoretronic  S.L has registered all their designs with Intellectual Property rights at international register offices in Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Mission statement of OFFSHORETRONIC

The next generation Offshore Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) units (15-20MW) will become available in

2024-2030 and will be installed in water depth of 40-70 M. Estimations are showing that 80% will be installed

on Mono-pile foundations. These WTG units will require next generation XXXL Mono-piles with

approximately the following dimension and weights: 100-130 M long, 12-15 m Outer Diameter and 3000 up/to

5000 mt of weight.

New innovations will be necessary and Offshoretronic is bringing with our new Jackup vessel design a new

safe installation process of handling loads up to 5000 mt. Our installation method will eliminate any

catastrophic risks and the needs of very expensive mission equipment’s used on Mono-hull Crane vessels.

Major End-clients have addressed and foresee major risk in the handling and lifting of Mono-piles over

3000 mt. At the same time, we received strong and positive feedback on our new design and see great

potentials if we can team up with reputable partners to further develop our design to a final end-product that

will deliver a safe and cost-efficient solution for the installation of Mono-piles for Offshore wind markets.

The Offshore wind installation market needs to accelerate the expansion to

keep up with all the new demands and we hope to be part of this development

and to offer Great, Safe and Cost-efficient solutions.


Let’s switch to more sustainable energy