Floating Wind

Our new Vessel and ADD-ON Support Tower Combination could be a smart and cost-efficient Offshore Installation Vessel for  End-Users that are developing new Floating-wind Farms at any worldwide location. Most wind turbines today are fixed to the seabed and close to shore, so-called bottom fixed, in waters less than 60 metres deep. The next generation of offshore wind turbines are designed to be installed as floating and further out to sea, where winds are stronger and over longer periods of the year resulting in higher Clean Energy production. Jack-up Vessels are unable to assist due to the water depth and large Monohull Multi-purpose Offshore Installation Vessels will be needed to develop larger Floating Wind Farms.

Commercial Floating Wind Turbines are mostly in the early phase of development, the advantage of contracting only one single Multi-purpose Offshore Installation Vessel to install all parts needed for a Floating wind farm could be favorable and especially so in remote areas with large cost reductions on transportation, installation and mobilisation cost.

Installation tasks our Multi-purpose Vessel can perform: 

  • Fast Transportation of all Tools and Components

  • Piling operations for Anchoring systems

  • Installation of large and heavy Anchor Chains and Buoyancy parts

  • In-Field and large export Cable lay

  • Complete Wind Turbine installation on the Floating structure with our ADD-ON Support Tower and new installation method

  • O & M Turbine repairs and replacements, no need to bring Floating structure back onshore as our Vessel can perform these tasks Offshore