November 2015

OFFSHORETRONIC was founded and developed a game-changing and unique business model allowing for large cost savings on Offshore Wind,  Oil & Gas Installation projects and Decommissioning of obsolete Offshore structures.


Our original design and plans were based on utilizing of 5th generation Drillships as many of these Vessels were getting laid-up due to oversupply of much more advanced 6th & 7th generation units.

May 2019

Ongoing distress within the Deepwater Drilling industry caused ongoing oversupply in the segment resulted in a large number of units to be stacked or undelivered at the shipyards. OFFSHORETRONIC decided to upgrade, and further develop, the advanced Installation Vessel “SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER” by adding some very young conversion Drillships as candidates.

March 2020

Based on our earlier predictions and the additional impact of COVID-19, OFFSHORETRONIC has further developed our Vessel and we are  now able to offer a Smart, Fast and Cost-efficient solutions to construct a High-end new Crane Vessel for the Offshore-wind and DECOM markets. The project will deliver a unique state of the art heavy lift vessel with unparalleled operational capabilities with a lifetime expectation of 30 years.

October 2020

Over the last few years OFFSHORETRONIC experienced an increased focus from several companies planning to enter the global Offshore Wind Turbine Installation market. Additionally, current trends are showing that the majority of the Oil & Gas majors are making a quick U-turn and focus more on the Renewable Sectors.


To make the Vessels and Projects more competitive, OFFSHORETRONIC has developed a new game-changing ADD-ON to their existing Vessel.


This new ADD-ON in combination with a new installation method allows for fast transportation and installation of Two Completely Build Wind Turbines in one go.


This new concept will result in large cost savings by utilizing the same Vessel for installation of large foundations and for transportation and installation of compete Wind Turbines.