Safe Parallel Ship to Ship Transfers in TANGO DP-Mode

It takes Two to Tango


Our further developed Heavy Lift Crane vessel the ‘’SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER’’ and in combination with our new transport Vessel the “SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORTER’’ we are able to transport and install any kind of Foundations for the Offshore wind sector.

These Vessels can in additional be deployed for O&G DECOM and for new installation works within this sector.

When I go you go


Both of our Vessels will be operating with a new developed Smart and Green DP application mode to keep the Vessel safely side by side without leaving the Target envelope window of both units. The DP systems and their generated DP models of both Vessels will be Real time linked to keep a constant and safe distance between the Vessels during all Lifting and Installation operations.

To create Fast and Safe lifting operations, we will use redundant Real-Time Vessel Motion Compensation (Roll damping) and Crane Hook Heave Compensation during the Ship-to-Ship Load Handling. All factors for safe operations like DP, Vessel Motion and Crane Heave Compensation will be handled and controlled at single point on the Sustainable Installer vessel. The Sustainable Transporter Vessel is equipment with 4 Knuckle boom Cranes to assist with the safe Hook-up process of the Large Lifting slings and Pile lifting Tools to the large XXL Foundation piles or Jackets.

TANGO DP-Mode  and Dual Crane safety Features

  • Latest Green DP mode with Fuel saving function

  • Both 4000 mt Main Cranes have Motion Compensation on Main hook

  • Both Main Cranes Motion Compensation references signals are taken from both Vessels to allow Safe  Hook-up of  Crane-Loads at our Tender / Transport Vessel

  • Both Vessel have Knuckle Boom Crane with Grippers to ensure for Hands-free Hook-up work of Slings and other Lifting Tools.

  • Two cranes offer safer load and motion control with Mono Hull Vessels resulting in higher Uptime

  • Both our Vessel have the same Vessel Motion Characteristics by shape and length resulting safer operation and higher uptime

  • Upending of mono piles or jackets can be done without tailing or up-ending frame

  • Lifting large structures can be done without spreader beams

  • For Subsea lowering of processing facilities to extreme water depths no clump weight are needed

  • Large and high jacket structures of up to 6,500 mt can be tilted and installed or removed Offshore.

  • Made easy handling and stabbing of very long piles, no need of expensive upending Tools.

  • Unknown CoG locations can be easier dealt with by two crane and offer limited foot print and low CoG