New Concept

Please Note:
All illustrations of below 3D Concept Renders
will differ from creation of the final product,
this is to protect our IP rights and Patents pending on our new Concept.

ADD-ON Support Tower

To extend the effectiveness of our Vessels and Project and to make them more competitive, OFFSHORETRINIC has developed and added a new game-changing ADD-ON to our existing Vessel.


With this new transportation and installation method we will provide large cost savings by utilizing the same Vessel unit for the installation of all kind of foundations and for the transportation and installation of build turbines as one single unit.


With this concept OFFSHORETRONIC aims to transport and install two complete finished wind turbines up to 11 MW, in one single trip with a Cost savings of around 40% in operational time and around 15% in Fuel consumption.


For larger Turbines OFFSHORETRONIC can install the Mast and the Nacelle as one single unit whilst blades could be installed with small size Jackup Vessel in assistance mode.

Large cost savings by utilizing the same Vessel for installation for foundations and for transportation and installation of two compete Turbines by:

  • Faster Installation time as no Jacking operations will be needed and faster load and unload time of Turbines onshore and offshore. Our simulations and calculation show a 40% reduction in Installation time and 15% in Fuel savings based on Six 10MW Turbine installation and 12 hours Transport time for Port.

  • Extensive Commissioning of the complete Wind Turbine can be done onshore with reduced cost.

  • No need to hire high spec Jack-up Vessel, as a smaller and cheaper Jack-up Vessel can perform the final Turbine blade installations in assistance mode. (only required for Turbines Larger than 10-11 MW).

  • Vessel and new concept will be an excellent platform for installing Wind Turbines at new Floating wind farms.

  • For remote areas only one single Vessel could be mobilized that can perform all the Installation works.

  • Concept is based on re-using of existing assets with reduced Vessel building Capex and Fast Vessel delivery time.

  • Major Cost saver as only one Vessel will be needed for all installation works. The design, constructing and supply of the ADD-ON Support Tower will be a fraction of the Cost of building a new Large Jack-up Vessel Type normally needed to install the Large Turbine parts as: Tower/Mast, Nacelle and Blades.

Concept Design Features

OFFSHORETRINIC’s new ADD-ON Support Tower is still under further development by:

  • Our in-house engineering team with abundant experience in complex lifting methods.

  • External heavy lift specialist with long track records within Offshore wind industry.

  • And in cooperation with OFFSHORETRONIC’s preferred Crane supplier Huisman Equipment

There are some similarities with the Huisman Wind Turbine Shuttle and their know-how in designing and building state of art Lifting equipment which will favour of further fast development of this Concept.


The main function of the ADD-ON Support Tower is to avoid any movements of the Crane boom and to support the Top and Bottom Gripper modules.


The ADD-ON Support Tower is modular and can be installed and removed by the Vessels own Heavy Lift Mast Cranes. To allow for smaller and lighter Support Tower construction all weight of the Turbine is supported on the Lower Support Beam and the Crane Boom wires and will give additional load stability and support to the Support Tower. The lifting and lowering will be done by the Mast Crane Main Winches. The Lifting and Active Heave Capability is set to be 1200 mt.


Both the Top, Bottom Grippers and Lower Support Beam will able to move Out or In board in the Sway direction during the Turbine Onshore Pickup and Offshore final installation process.


The safety aspects of our new Concept design has our highest priority. Therefore, the Turbine Tower will be resting and secured on a Support Beam during transport and both Top and Bottom Grippers will have Two additional secondary retentions around the Turbine Tower (Mast). This will give extra supports during the transit and installation process of the Turbine.

Double Slip-Joint Design Features

OFFSHORETRONIC aims to put the Vessels in High Precision DP Mode during the installation process. The Vessels Main Mast Crane Winches will be used for all Winch operations to Lift and Install the Turbine on the Turbine-foundations and preferable on Mono-piles with the latest Double Joint Slip-joint technologies of KCI The Engineers


This fast and new installation method is also pending of the major Turbine manufactures willingness to adopt additional Lifting support rings around the Turbine Tower (Mast).

For the above described Double Joint Slip-joint technologies and Lifting support rings OFFSHORETRONIC has started pre-liminary talks with all parties involved, Major End-users and Wind Farm operations and the Largest Wind Turbine Manufacturers.


Working together with all parties involved, the costs of Offshore Wind Installation can be significantly reduced.