Our Vessels

Our new Fast and Cost efficient installation Duo 

  • Vessel is particularly suited for the US market

  • Fast-track Construction and Cost-efficient Project

  • Strict FEED and project execution process

  • Lowest Building CAPEX and OPEX in operations

  • High Payload and Fast Transit speed

  • Unparalleled operational capabilities

  • Ultimate Green and Sustainable solutions on the market by,

    · Recycle Obsolete Asset
    · Add-on Latest Green Fuel technologies
    · Deployment in Offshore Wind and O&G Decom


The new designed Offshore Installation Vessel and new Installation methods offer up to 40% faster installation time for Large Foundations compared to the older & traditional Jackup Wind Turbine Installation Vessels. By implementing smart innovations and the use of Autonomous Dual Crane operations as well as integrated fast Anti-Roll, Anti-Heel and Ballast systems we believe we can save up to 15% operational time compare to the Monohull vessels presently coming on the market with one Single Heavy lift Crane.


The SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER will be able to perform the installation of all types of Offshore Wind Foundations and carry all the required tools on-board the Vessels. The Vessels are also an excellent platform for Oil & Gas Construction and Decommissioning work and can easily be deployed worldwide. The Vessels will have a larger Main Deck and Lifting capacity than any other competitor within the Offshore Wind and Oil & Gas De-commissioning MID-segments.

Designed to Meet the Ongoing Demand:

This unique Vessel is entirely designed and outfitted for Fast Lift and Transportation of any kind of new generation Wind foundations:

  • large size XL and XXL Mono Pile foundations up to 145 m long and max. 12 m diameter and weights up to 4000 mt

  • large size jackets or tripod foundations up to 2500 mt – 80 m high and with 40m footprint.

  • De-commissioning and removal of MID-size platforms and subsea structures in tandem lifting mode up to 6000 mt.

  • Excellent platform for Field development and Installation of Floating Offshore Wind Farms.